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To update your email address, please email the IT Service Desk.

To update your phone number, please contact the telephone coordinator in your department or college in the first instance (usually the departmental administrator or bursar). If they are not able to assist, please email Chorus at [email protected]

The Events Office?publishes a set of guidelines, which provides information and guidance about planning and running large-scale events.

Please be aware that if you are organising a meeting or event at the University,?of if you are responsible for booking space or arranging facilities for events organised by members of the University or third parties, you must follow the University’s Code of Practice on Meetings and Events.

If you're organising an event which is taking place at the collegiate University and would like to have it listed on the?Events page of the University website, please complete the online event submission form. Please note that if you would like your event to be listed in the Gazette, you will need to email the details separately to?[email protected].

The IT Learning?Centre?runs a range of training courses in IT skills. To book courses online, go to the IT Learning Centre website.

Training courses in specific business or student systems are run by IT Services.?

The following is a list of publications and newsletters for staff at Oxford.?

You can now subscribe to some University publications using a self-service webform. Wherever you see the 'Manage my subscriptions' link you can set your own preferences. Click here for further information on subscriptions.


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