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Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Credit: Shutterstock, Big Ben and House of Parliament at River Thames

Oxford in Westminster

Oxford University has conversations with national government and politicians on an extensive array of issues. From funding for research to advice on exam reform, student funding and regional economic development. In addition, barely a week passes without an Oxford academic giving expert evidence to select committees in the Lords and the Commons on one of the many issues which are covered by Oxford research.

Oxford's reports and briefings to Parliament

You can see the University's response to the Higher Education Green Paper here

PDF of the Teaching Excellence Framework Technical Consultation.

Oxford Research

The University of Oxford was judged in the latest REF impact study as the UK’s premier research university in terms of global importance. We have helpfully arranged our hundreds of research projects by government department, so that you can see at a glance what we are working on that is important to your area of interest. Have a look here.

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