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Ashmolean Roman
One of the day's highlights will be a Roman-themed fashion show

Ashmolean to hold Roman-themed day

Matt Pickles

This Sunday (22 November) the Ashmolean will host a free, fun-filled day of events and activities in which visitors will explore what it was like to be alive in Roman times, discover how the Romans remembered their dead and see newly installed displays in the museum's Roman Gallery.

Remembering The Romans features a programme of immersive performances, interactive workshops and lively talks for all ages, including Roman storytelling; ancient object handling; costumed performances; readings of ancient inscriptions; expert tours and talks; and drop-in Roman craft sessions.

The Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project , which involves academics from the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents in Oxford's Faculty of Classics, the Ashmolean Museum Warwick University, will also share their recent findings based on research, using the Ashmolean's remarkable Roman permanent collection to introduce visitors to their latest studies into Roman life, death and commemoration.

Other events include 'living history' specialist Tanya Bentham looking at the different clothes worn during the Roman Empire in a Roman Fashion Show and drop-in craft activities where visitors can carve their own inscriptions, test their code-cracking skills on real Latin inscriptions and handle Roman artefacts.

Professor Alison Cooley, Head of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick, and Helen Ackers of Oxford University's School of Archaeology, will be giving an expert tours of the Roman collections, looking at the lives of those depicted in Roman tombstones.

The event will run from 11am to 4pm.

The Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project (AshLI) is a three-year project to catalogue and share Roman stories from the Ashmolean Museum.

For more information on AshLI, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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