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New video shows ROQ taking shape

A new video shows the latest developments on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter site.

The video, which can be seen on the University’s YouTube page, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the refurbishment of the Radcliffe Infirmary building and the view from the new Somerville accommodation buildings.

Professor William James, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Resources, said: 'This is probably the single biggest project that we've ever had in Oxford and in terms of a building project it's the largest certainly in the past 100 years.'

New Radcliffe House (formerly known as the Jericho Health Centre) will open next month on the Walton Street side of the site.

The Mathematical Institute is on course to open in September 2013 and will benefit the 10% of Oxford students who study a core element of maths as part of their degree.

Dr Ruth Baker, lecturer in Mathematical Biology, said: 'The Mathematical Institute will bring together three large buildings of people all under the one roof. If you want to go and ask for advice or talk to someone about a problem, they are going to be down the corridor rather than a mile away so it is fantastic.'

The video was shot by Tom Wilkinson of the Publications and Web Office in the University's Public Affairs Directorate.

Updates on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, including a live webcam and time lapse video, are available here.

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