Video released as Boat Race crew makes final preparations | University of Oxford 极速十一选五开奖走势图

Video released as Boat Race crew makes final preparations

The final instalment of Oxford Today’s behind-the-scenes Boat Race videos has been released today, as the Blue Boat prepares for this year’s race on Saturday.

The video is the sixth in the series and features interviews with members of the crew in which they discuss how they prepare for the experience of the race itself. Also interviewed are former Blues and Olympic gold medallists Matthew Pinsent and Andy Triggs Hodge, as well as Paul Davies, executive producer at BBC Sport, who discusses the challenges of filming the race.

‘Something out of the ordinary is always quite nice to see,’ Mr Davies said.

Oxford’s rowers go into the 2012 Xchanging Boat Race with an average weight of 88.5kg, lighter than the Cambridge crew’s 96.3kg.

The crew comprised Alexander Woods (Pembroke) at bow, Roel Haen (Oriel) at stroke, Zoe de Toledo (St Catherine’s) as cox and William Zeng (Oriel), Kevin Baum (Trinity), Alex Davidson (Christ Church), Karl Hudspith (St Peter’s), Hanno Wienhausen (Christ Church) and Dan Harvey (Mansfield) at seats 2 to 7 respectively.

Cambridge won the Newton women’s boat race on Sunday in an exciting race, but Oxford eased to victory in the women’s reserve boat race. Cambridge triumphed in the lightweight men’s race but Oxford won the lightweight women’s race by a length. In 2015 the Newton women’s boat race will join the heavyweight men’s race on the London Tideway.

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