Dawkins and Archbishop to discuss origins of nature | University of Oxford 极速十一选五开奖走势图

Dawkins and Archbishop to discuss origins of nature

Professor Richard Dawkins and the Archbishop of Canterbury will discuss the nature and origin of human beings in a dialogue event at the Sheldonian Theatre tomorrow (Thursday 23 February 2012).

Professor Dawkins and Dr Rowan Williams will speak alongside Sir Anthony Kenny at the event, which is hosted by Sophia Europa of Oxford University’s Theology Faculty, in the presence of Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

The event includes a question and answer session and lasts from 4pm to 5.30pm. Although tickets have already sold out, the dialogue event will be broadcast live online.

Dr Margaret Yee of Sophia Europa, who is organising the event, said: ‘We are greatly looking forward to this dialogue event at the Sheldonian Theatre. Although tickets sold out in a matter of hours, we are delighted that anyone interested will be able to watch the discussion live on www.originsofnature.com.’

Live streaming begins at 3.45pm and Twitter updates will be posted under the hashtag #dawkinsarchbishop.

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