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Boost for bioscience doctoral training

Oxford University has been awarded approximately £3m to train a new generation of researchers to tackle the most important challenges in bioscience research.

The funding, from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), will support at least 30 doctoral students at the new Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP).

The DTP offers students a 4-year DPhil programme where they will work on problems spanning the biological sciences tackling challenges such as: ensuring everyone has access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food; developing new sources of bioenergy and cleaner industries; and how understanding of cell biology, ageing and development can improve lifelong health and well-being.

The new DTP builds on the University’s existing strengths in interdisciplinary doctoral training with students completing two 12-week research projects before deciding on the direction of their DPhil research. Students will also undertake a three month professional internship to gain direct experience of the skills needed to succeed in a bioscience-related career.

Professor Alex Kacelnik, co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, said: ‘By incorporating a first year of interdepartmental research experience, our new doctoral training program will arm graduate students with an invaluable range of transferable skills and a strong basis for their doctoral research.’

Dr Celia Caulcott, BBSRC Director of Innovation and Skills, said: ‘We believe that this approach is a great way of doing things, enabling us to support the very best students working in the most important areas from food security through to crucial underpinning bioscience.’

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