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Find An Expert

Are you a journalist looking for an Oxford academic to provide expert comment and/or background briefing on a story?

Find An Expert offers journalists quick and easy access to Oxford academics who may be able to help.?

If you cannot locate an expert using this service, please contact the News and Information Office for additional advice. We may be able to suggest someone who is not listed here, and we also hold alternative contact details for a number of academics.

Oxford academics who are interested in appearing in Find An Expert or in other media work should contact the News and Information Office or complete this form.

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For Oxford University Press experts in words, language use and lexicography, please contact the Publicity department at Oxford University Press (tel: 01865 353058, email: [email protected]).

If you want to employ an Oxford academic as a consultant or expert witness, please contact the Consulting Services team at Oxford University Innovation.

Please note that this site is only for use by journalists. Unfortunately, our experts are not able to provide advice to members of the public.

Hear more from some of our experts in the Research in Conversation series:

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