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Continuing Education lecture
Continuing Education lecture in Rewley House

Continuing education

Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education runs over 1000 courses per year, offered on a part-time basis. Programmes include Oxford awards and degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level, online short courses, weekly classes, day and weekend events, continuing professional development and summer schools.

Oxford awards & degrees

Over 50 undergraduate and postgraduate Oxford qualifications: certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, Master's and Doctoral degrees, offered part-time, in the arts, social sciences, diplomatic studies, human rights law, health care and biomedical sciences. Many recruit internationally. Course duration ranges from one year to several years part-time. The Department also runs a Graduate School to provide the support and guidance needed by those following part-time graduate programmes.

Online & distance learning

Choose from over 90 courses across a range of disciplines. Most are short courses of 5-10 weeks in duration, accredited. A few longer courses result in Oxford qualifications.

Weekly classes

Approximately 500 part-time accredited classes, open to all, and held in Oxford, Reading and other locations. Topics are studied in depth over a period of 10 or 20 weeks.

Day & weekend events

Courses of 1 or 2 days duration, usually held at weekends and taught by lecturers and speakers who are noted authorities in their field of research. Many courses are offered in conjunction with national organisations. Over 150 offered per year.

Professional development courses

200 courses per year, ranging from day schools to short refresher courses to full degree programmes. Subjects include health sciences, public policy, diplomatic studies, nanotechnology, electronics, historic conservation, environmental sciences, public administration, higher education leadership and more.

Summer schools

Accredited and non-accredited courses of between one and three weeks' duration, with over 120 to choose from. Most are designed for the general public; others are designed to allow professionals to update skills.

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