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King penguins at sunrise on the coast of South Georgia
King penguins at sunrise on the coast of South Georgia
Credit: Ole Jorgen Liodden/


Penguin Watch

Penguinologist Dr Tom Hart discusses the Penguin Lifelines project, and how millions of penguins are now being monitored by online volunteers and providing invaluable evidence on the changes in the penguin populations.



The University’s response to the Ebola crisis and the important role played by volunteers in the search for an effective vaccine.


The Blavatnik School of Government

Educating the leaders of tomorrow: faculty and students describe their feelings about moving into the stunning new Blavatnik School of Government building within Oxford’s Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.


Diagnosing disorders over the phone

Remote health monitoring: developing a fully automatic system to analyse speech using existing telephone lines could lead to dramatic changes in the treatment of patients with speech disorders.


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